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Invest your savings into one of our Certificates of Deposit with the following features. Contact Us for current rates!

  • You may not make any deposits into your account before maturity.
  • You may not make withdrawals of principal from your account before maturity.
  • You can only withdraw interest credited in the term before maturity of that term without penalty. You can withdraw interest only on the crediting dates.
  • In certain circumstances, the law permits, or in some cases requires, the waiver of the early withdrawal penalty.
  • You may have this account to automatically or non-automatically renew.
  • If automatically renewable, you will have 10 calendar days after maturity to withdraw the funds without a penalty.
  • We use the average daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a periodic rate to the average daily balance in the account for the period. The average daily balance is calculated by adding the principal in the account for each day of the period and dividing that figure by the number of days in the period.
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